Traveling Imaginary
February 2, 2013
(late show)

The Music Tapes present: The Traveling Imaginary

In support of their new album, Mary’s Voice, The Music Tapes (Julian Koster, Robbie Cucchiaro, The 7-Foot-Tall Metronome, a legion of singing saws, and friends) are embarking on a unique US tour. Called The Traveling Imaginary, the band will be heading to towns and cities across the country and pitching the circus tent home that they built specially for this tour for evenings of songs, stories, games, movies, magic, amusements, and more.

The tent, which was funded by The Music Tapes’ recently successful Kickstarter campaign, has been a longtime dream of Julian’s. On entering the completed structure for the very first time, he said, “If you made a circus tent out of blankets in your room when you were a little kid and then fell asleep, it’s like the dream you would have.”

The Music Tapes have a long history of hosting surreal tours since they first emerged as part of the influential Elephant 6 Collective in the late 1990s – including the annual Caroling and Lullaby tours that have brought them into over 500 homes across the country. The Traveling Imaginary is an extension of those shows on a more ambitious scale than anything The Music Tapes has ever done.


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Show time: 9:30pm

Church for All Nations

West 57th Street, between 9th and 10th avenues

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